Murdoch papers played Parliament testimony prominently on front pages

Rupert Murdoch's appearance before British Parliament Tuesday made the front pages of almost all major newspapers owned by the 80-year-old News Corp. head. The New York Post ignored the news, as did several of his Australian papers. Here is a sampling of how they treated it. (If you need a 5-minute guide to catch up on the latest, here it is; you can also follow us @notwfallout for news as it happens.)

The U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal treated the testimony prominently.
The Wall Street Journal Europe edition devoted most of its front page to the story.
The Asia edition of The Wall Street Journal shows Rupert and James Murdoch testifying before Parliament.
The Times of London showed a photo of Murdoch with his wife, Wendi Deng Murdoch, who came to his defense during testimony when a comedian attempted to direct a shaving cream pie at the 80-year-old.
The Daily Telegraph (New South Wales) front page features a quote from Murdoch.
The Australian front page includes a photo of former News International leader Rebekah Brooks, who also testified Tuesday.
The New York Post front page had no news of its owner's testimony before Parliament.
The New York Times featured the story above the fold, with a photo.
The Guardian, which has been covering this story for years, devoted its entire front page to the testimony.


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