Murdoch: Tablets perfect for News Corp's paid content

Speaking today in Sydney, News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch again pointed to digital tablets and Apple's iPad in particular as a savior for paid news content. Jemima Kiss reports Murdoch is predicting Apple will sell more than 40 million iPads by 2011 and that News Corp would also support a variety of other platforms as they are developed.

Kiss writes that Murdoch sees tablets as the best chance to turn the tide on "free" Web content:

"... tablets are 'a perfect platform' for cheap, convenient and up-to-date News Corp content. News Corp has 'tens of thousands of readers' through apps for the Wall Street Journal, the Times and the Australian, [Murdoch] said ..."

All three papers charge for full access to their iPad apps. News Corp is apparently using their various properties to test pricing strategies for mobile apps. The Wall Street Journal is a free download requiring a $17.29 per month subscription. The Times is a $16.99 download, which includes a one-month subscription. The Australian is a $3.99 download, which also includes a one month subscription.


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