Murdoch's Times of London is being investigated for hacking

Tom Watson | The New York Times | Reuters

The ethics scandal that closed UK tabloid News of the World has spread not only to The Sun, another Murdoch-owned News International paper, but to The Times of London. Tom Watson, a member of Parliament (MP) in the Labour Party, posted a letter from London police confirming that his inquiries into email hacking at the Sun are being investigated. "The case apparently was related to an episode in 2009 when a reporter who has since left The Times of London exposed the identity of a police officer who blogged under the pseudonym Nightjack, according to British news reports," reports The New York Times. It will take at least another year and a half for News Corp.'s Management and Standards Committee to complete its own investigation into unethical journalism practices. Reuters says as many as 100 lawyers and computer experts are reviewing 300 million emails and other documents in a soundproof area. || Related: Phone hacking victims say News Corp. has admitted coverup (Poynter)


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