Must-reads for fact-checkers (existing and aspiring)

This is a non-exhaustive list of useful links on fact-checking. It will be routinely updated – please share any resources you think I've left out in the comment section or on twitter @factchecknet.

Practical how-tos, sites on fact-checking news and noteworthy initiatives

Methodologies and How To's


Funky formats for fact-checking

  • Full Fact’s “Finder” helps its readers do their own fact-checking
  • Promise tracking done well - ABC Fact Check
  • Superpowering a user’s experience of a speech by annotating it with fact-checks (see Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union annotated by PolitiFact)
  • Animated videos – fact-checking can be fun (see Libération’s Désintox and Pagella Politica’s Pollock)
  • ABC FactCheck’s tiles – all you need to know in one Facebook image
  • Chequeado’s coverage of the Argentinian Presidential debate (see also the making of their live coverage of the President's speech to Congress)
  • International fact-checking collaborations: #RefugeeCheck and the G20 fact-checkathon (see the Prezi and the article on the Washington Post)
  • Tips of "antiviral" social media design that will allow your fact-checks/debunking to have a greater reach, by Chris Blow for First Draft News

Sources of fact-checking news (besides the IFCN channel on Poynter, of course)


Academic research on fact-checking, facts, spreading of lies


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