National Magazine Awards to honor men this year

Ann Friedman | New York Daily News | Think Progress

The finalists list for the American Society of Magazine Editors' National Magazine Awards was released today, and you don't have to speak a Romance language to think their nickname, the Ellies, is maybe a bit ironic! Ann Friedman counts the bylines among the finalists: No women nominated in the reporting, feature writing, profile writing, essays and criticism or columns and commentary categories.

"Where is the whip-smart literary criticism of The New Republic's Ruth Franklin?" Alexander Nazaryan writes. "Or Jennifer Gonnerman's piece in New York on the suicide of Pvt. Danny Chen? Or Kate Bolick's meditation in The Atlantic on singlehood and marriage? Or Masha Gessen's brave reporting from Russia?"

Women do own the "Public Interest" category, Alyssa Rosenberg notes, but she wonders whether "the paucity of female nominees in other spaces is due to the fact that there is a National Magazine Award General Excellence category for Women’s Magazines, which 'Honors women’s magazines, including health and fitness magazines and family-centric publications,' while men’s magazines like Esquire and GQ are counted as General Interest publications."

I've asked the American Society of Magazine Editors for comment. UPDATE: I got a comment!

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