N.C. paper assures college multiple errors aren't intentional

Richmond County Daily Journal

The (Rockingham, N.C.) Richmond County Daily Journal has nothing against Richmond Community College. "Indeed, Richmond Community College is a shining example of what is right in Richmond County and surely a key cog in the county’s future educational and economic development," according to a correction that ran Thursday.

But there have been a lot of mistakes lately in the Daily Journal's reporting about RCC. The paper recently announced it would have a new, more transparent corrections policy with a new editor. "Rather disappointingly, we’ve had to use that new policy on a far more frequent basis than we care to admit."

There was the wrong start date for an RCC dialysis program, a series of errors about needed repairs at the school's auditorium, and this:

In a Chamber of Commerce gathering in January at, appropriately enough, Cole Auditorium in Hamlet, RCC President Dale McInnis was honored as the chamber’s Citizen of the Year. The next morning, the Daily Journal helped sully the previous night’s festive mood when staff writer Matt Harrelson erroneously reported that McInnis was from Marston instead of his true home stomping grounds of Norman.


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