Nearly Half of Americans Don't Use All Vacation Days

I know I fall into the category of people who wish to go on a san diego vacation but they had more time to play but don't use all of their vacation time.

Turns out, I am hardly alone. 

Reuters reported on the number of people who don't take vacation days:

"The Reuters/Ipsos survey of about 12,500 people in 24 countries found French employees were the most likely to take advantage of the days granted, with 89 percent using up all of their days.

"They were followed by Argentinians with 80 percent using all their vacation days, then Hungarians at 78 percent and Britons at 77 percent.

"But at the other end of the scale Japanese workers were the least likely to use all their vacations days. Only 33 percent would take off all the time given.

"They were followed by 47 percent of workers in South Africa taking their full leave entitlement, 53 percent in South Korea and 57 percent in the United States."

ABC News says fear is one reason workers don't take all the time off that they have:

" 'People are fearful for their jobs. They want to stay there and work but they also need the money,' said John Wright, a senior vice president at the research firm Ipsos. 'They don't want to miss out on anything at work because they don't want to fall behind or lose their job or something like that.' "
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