Netflix, ABC, Google are iPad video winners

Looking at the iPad strategies from the major online video providers, Chris Dannen thinks ABC, Google and Netflix may be winning in the early returns. Dannen points out that while CBS, NBC and Fox are taking cautious steps toward supporting Apple's new tablet, ABC has released a dedicated app that allows viewers to stream most of its programming (with ads) on demand. Likewise, Google redesigned YouTube ahead of the iPad launch, creating a very usable experience on the tablet.

The biggest winner, according to Dannen, is Netflix, which "already has 11 million subscribers on the books and legions of devoted Watch Instantly fans who know they can watch movies reliably on their computers. The rest of the video companies are trying to goad viewers into equating computing devices like the iPad with a television or DVD player; Netflix has had people glowing in laptop-light of hundreds of Watch Instantly movies for years."


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