New survey: Media among least favored businesses

Public Affairs Council

A new survey finds that the federal government is the only sector that people like less than the media. The survey was about how Americans view big businesses. Fifty-four percent viewed news media somewhat or very favorably, while 44 percent said their overall opinion of news media was not favorable.

Between Aug. 10 and Sept. 8, Princeton Survey Research Associates International spoke by phone with 1,753 U.S. adults for the survey.

The survey also asked participants where they get most news about what's important to them. The responses roughly align with other recent research.

  • 70%: Television
  • 40%: Print newspapers or magazines
  • 34%: Online news sources
  • 22%: Radio
  • 8%: Social media like Facebook

People were asked to pick two, so the numbers do not total 100 percent.


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