New Time magazine cover mirrors previous Romney coverage

The latest issue of Time magazine, hitting newsstands today, echoes an earlier Mitt Romney cover to revisit ongoing questions about the candidate's popularity.

"If this week's cover feels a little familiar, there's good reason for that," writes managing editor Rick Stengel in a letter to readers. "In early December, we put Mitt Romney on the cover and asked, "Why Don't They Like Me?"—a question that has been at the heart of the GOP primary process.

"This week, in the wake of Romney’s razor-thin win in Iowa, we’ve updated and revised the question, using the other half of the same portrait of Romney. The first cover got a lot of attention, not least from Governor Romney himself, who began annotating the cover for those who asked him to sign it."

The January 16, 2012 cover of Time magazine (right) echoes the magazine's December 12, 2011 cover (left) with an image taken from the same photo.


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