New York Times Editor Jill Abramson gets an 'F' in Twitter -- from her kids

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At a meet and greet for media reporters, new New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson spoke with Jon Friedman about her experience on Twitter:

“I don’t keep up with Twitter all day long. I am just a beginner. My kids tell me how terrible my Tweets are. They give me a Twitter (grade of) F.”

Abramson says she often reads the Times on her iPad app in the early morning and described herself as a "culture vulture" and a "political junkie." When asked "What do you worry about?" the paper's first female editor had this to say:

Abramson gave an answer I’d never heard before: “I don’t” worry, she shot back with a weary smile. “The last thing I do every night is to take my dog” — a golden retriever, for you dog lovers — “for a long walk, of, say, 45 minutes. What is there to worry about when New York City is so gorgeous?”

Joe Pompeo, who was also at the Houndstooth Pub, uncovered a few of her concerns:

She said that she'd spent the summer in a state of anticipatory worry; since Sept. 6, when she started in the role, some of that insecurity has faded. But not all.

“I want to do well in this job,” she said, “and sometimes I worry that I won’t.”

Another worry, according to a person who was at a newsroom brown-bag lunch in June, Pompeo reports, is "that she would be called out as an imposter." || Earlier this week: Female journalists disagree with Abramson about women’s taste in stories


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