The New York Times hires Michael Forsythe

The New York Times

Former Bloomberg News reporter Michael Forsythe now works for The New York Times, according to a Times story on Sunday by Christine Haughney.

Forsythe, based in Hong Kong, left Bloomberg News in November after Bloomberg held an investigative story "because of fears that Bloomberg would be expelled from China," Haughney wrote.

After Bloomberg News published an article in June 2012 on the family wealth of Xi Jinping, at that time the incoming Communist Party chief, sales of Bloomberg terminals in China slowed, as officials ordered state enterprises not to subscribe. Officials also blocked Bloomberg’s website on Chinese servers, and the company has been unable to get residency visas for new journalists.

China and tensions with U.S. press continue making news. Officials in China blocked The Guardian's site on January 8, unblocked the Wall Street Journal and Reuters a few days before that, and granted press cards after delay to several foreign journalists. The New York Times itself was blocked in China in November of 2012, Keith Bradsher reported for the Times, "in response to an article in both languages describing wealth accumulated by the family of the country’s prime minister."

China maintains the world’s most extensive and sophisticated system for Internet censorship, employing tens of thousands of people to monitor what is said, delete entries that contravene the country’s extensive and unpublished regulations and even write new entries that are favorable to the government.


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