The New York Times now has 'One-Sentence Stories' for your Apple Watch

The New York Times Company

On Tuesday, The New York Times Company announced a new feature for the Apple Watch, "One-Sentence Stories." The Apple Watch will also get breaking news alerts with this app extension, which will be released on April 24.

The New York Times has developed a new form of storytelling to help readers catch up in seconds on Apple Watch. One-sentence stories, crafted specially for small screens, will provide the news at a glance across many Times sections, including Business, Politics, Science, Tech and The Arts.

"This isn't a downstream experience--we specifically did not want to pull headlines or shrink stories down for a smaller screen, but rather create one-sentence stories written exclusively for the Watch," Linda Zebian, the Times' director of communications, told Poynter in an email.

Here's what the One-Sentence Stories will look like:


In March, Jack Riley wrote for Nieman Lab about where journalism could be headed with smartwatches.

Without a dedicated editorial team generating or repurposing content specifically for wearables, publishers may find their hands tied by their current content formats — unless, perhaps, like Vox’s card stacks navigation or Circa’s atomization, they’ve already invested effort in building more wearable-appropriate formats.

Correction: The photo of the app has been replaced due to a spelling error in the image. The New York Times sent Poynter a corrected image.


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