New York Times uses aggregation in new election app

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Most news stories in the app collect related links from multiple sources.

A new iPhone app and mobile website from the New York Times combines news from the Times and at least a dozen other competing news outlets. The Times has an editor curate the best reports from major newspapers, cable news, and even the Huffington Post -- aiming to tell readers "you literally don’t have to go anywhere else for your political news."

Joshua Benton says the fact that aggregated links are just as prominent as the Times headlines "feels noteworthy to me — I can’t think of anything else as linkbloggy that the Times has ever done."

The top six news stories in the iPhone app are available to anyone; the sections for opinion, election guide and multimedia are limited to digital subscribers whose package includes mobile access. Interestingly, the mobile Web version offers unlimited access to all the top stories, opinion columns and some of the election guide features you have to pay for in the iPhone app.

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