Newark mayor sets a social media example for journalists

eMedia Vitals
Ron Mwangaguhunga writes that Newark Mayor Cory Booker's recent use of Twitter during a major snowstorm sets a social media standard that publishers should follow.

Booker actively tweeted during the course of the snowstorm last week, shoveling snow, answering questions, directing city workers and providing updates to snow-bound residents.

Mwangaguhunga writes that in an age of social media, all authorities, including journalists, will be expected to engage in a similar fashion. He argues that having an effective social media strategy means starting now, not once the snow begins to fall:

"Machiavelli reminded readers hundreds of years ago that fortune favors the bold, and Booker clearly internalized that principle in the face of a crisis. Publishers, however, shouldn't wait until conditions are at zero visibility to have an aggressive Twitter strategy. By then it is usually too late."


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