News Corp. week in review: Justice Dept. prepares subpoenas in U.S. investigation

News Corp.'s involvement in a phone-hacking scandal has led to about a dozen arrests, several high-profile resignations, the closing of a 168-year-old tabloid and the suspension of a $12 billion deal to acquire a satellite broadcasting company.

The Wall Street Journal, which has been criticized for coverage of its owner, broke the story of the latest developments: the U.S. Department of Justice is preparing subpoenas as part of an investigation into possible phone hacking of 9/11 victims and whether U.S. laws were broken as part of the crimes committed in Britain.

The Journal, along with other papers, also reported on two men who "broke ranks" with News Corp. and said that James Murdoch knew about the widespread nature of the phone-hacking in 2008, which contradicts testimony he gave, with his father Rupert Murdoch, before Parliament on Tuesday.

Here's a chronology of the week's major developments.





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