News orgs: Post to Facebook at noon for peak engagement

After analyzing the keys to engagement on journalists' Facebook pages, the social network has analyzed the number of comments and likes on sampled news organization pages to determine best practices for engaging with readers. Among the interesting findings:
  • The most engaging Facebook news posts go beyond simply stating facts. Posts that ask questions, solicit input, call for a closer look, use clever language or highlight a specific quote all get above-average response.
  • As was true in the study of journalist pages, longer posts are more consistently engaging. Posts four lines deep had a 50 percent increase in feedback. One-line posts were some of the biggest hits with users, but also some of the biggest flops.
  • Adding an image to a post made a big difference; posts with images received 150 percent more likes and 65 percent more comments than average.
  • Weekend browsing is big. News pages saw a 20 percent increase in feedback on Saturdays and 9 percent increase on Sundays.
  • Items posted at 8 a.m. saw a 25 percent bump in engagement, and the biggest spikes were at 11 a.m. (50 percent) and noon (65 percent).

Read the full results for detailed numbers, and more findings on types of stories and frequency of posts.

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    Jeff Sonderman

    Jeff Sonderman is the deputy director of the American Press Institute, helping to lead its use of research, tools, events, and strategic insights to advance and sustain journalism.


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