News orgs rush to quote guy who said he bought Obamacare plan

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Chad Henderson, a part-time worker and student from Flintstone, Ga., has become "one of the most quoted people in the nation about Obamacare," Amber Phillips writes. Henderson said he'd managed -- against daunting odds -- to get a health-insurance plan through one of the exchanges set up by the nation's new health care law, he told journalists. (Reason's Peter Suderman reported Henderson hadn't actually enrolled in any of the plans, something Henderson confirmed to The Washington Post Friday.)

He has since spoken to the Chattanooga Times-Free Press, Politico and The Huffington Post, Henderson wrote on Facebook.

Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff got Henderson's name from a group called Enroll America after she wrote a post about not being able to find anyone who'd successfully navigated an Obamacare exchange. Henderson spoke with Kliff between calls from other news organizations. He said he "wants the health-care law to succeed," Kliff wrote. That led to people who are unhappy about the law saying rude things to him on Twitter.

Henderson's adventures in media can't help but remind one of Greg Packer, a self-appointed quote machine who was subject of this completely amazing video.

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