Newspapers spend too little on advertising their product

David Higgerson

Newspapers spend less than 1 percent of their revenue on advertising, compared to Coca-Cola's 14 percent, says David Higgerson, head of multimedia for Trinity Mirror Regionals in the U.K., who learned that fact at a recent Society of Editors conference. Coca-Cola's spending, writes Higgerson, "ensures we remember who they are and what they do. Newspapers … have been forgotten by many people." He suggests that better promotion of newspapers might be in order:

  • Make promotions local.
  • "Don’t over-sensationalise for the sake of it."
  • Consider promoting anything -- even job listings or cartoons, if they merit it.

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  • Charles Apple

    A longtime news artist and designer, Apple is the former graphics director of the Virginian-Pilot and the Des Moines Register. He teaches design and graphics workshops, does some consulting work and blogs for the American Copy Editors Society.


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