North Korea distributes manipulated funeral photo of Kim Jong-il

The New York Times | Charles Apple

A group of men were removed from a photo of the North Korean leader's funeral procession, according to analysis performed Wednesday by The New York Times and a digital forensics expert. The Times initially published the doctored photo online and was alerted to the manipulation by the Associated Press, which noticed the discrepancy in an image captured moments earlier; the earlier image showed the six men, along with their camera and tracks in the snow. The European Pressphoto Agency -- which transmitted the image for North Korea's state news agency -- alerted clients to the problem Wednesday evening. || Related: European Pressphoto Agency "sought credentials to cover the event with a staff photographer, but was denied entry by the North Korean authorities" (iMediaEthics)

The New York Times worked with a forensics analyst to deconstruct cloning done on this photo from Kim Jong-il's funeral procession.


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