Notre Dame experimenting with iPads in class

Corey Angst
The University of Notre Dame has started a year-long test on the use of e-readers in the classroom, and the professor leading the class is blogging about the results.

This semester, students in Corey Angst's Project Management course were given iPads, which are loaded up with their textbooks. On Monday, Angst listed the apps that are recommended for the course, which include Keynote, Dropbox, Evernote, Sundry Note and other apps aimed at reducing the need for paper in the classroom. The course's textbooks are provided using the eTextbook App from CourseSmart.

Angst told the university's news service that he plans to gather student feedback on the experiment:

"We want to know whether students feel the iPads are useful and how they plan to use them. I want them to tell me, 'I found this great app that does such and such.' I want this to be organic ... We have an online Wiki discussion group where students can share their ideas."

The class is only a few classes into the semester, but Angst reports he is already surprised by how many students type on the iPad screen to take notes.

Angst's blog will be interesting to watch over the semester, as there is still very little data available about how people use digital tablets in real-life situations.


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