NPR reporter sees a shooting while reporting on guns


NPR National Desk Correspondent David Schaper got some up-close audio for a story on gun legislation in Chicago. On Thursday, Bill Chappell wrote a story for NPR about what Schaper witnessed.

David was out reporting a story on the effort by Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel to require video recordings of every gun purchase and a limit of one gun per customer per month. The city wants to put those rules in place soon, after a federal judge overturned Chicago's long-time ban on gun shops earlier this year.

Here's Schaper's story, which aired Thursday on Morning Edition.

In February of this year, Poynter wrote about a Texas man who pulled a gun on KTRK-TV reporter Demond Fernandez. Fernandez approached the home of the man, who faced sexual abuse charges.

In November of last year, Poynter wrote about a woman in Florida who did the same to WESH-TV reporter Claire Metz, who also approached the woman at her home.

Hat tip: Julia Dahl


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