NY Post photog, Alec Baldwin file harassment claims against each other

New York Post

Alec Baldwin grabbed New York Post reporter Tara Palmeri by the arm Sunday and told her, "I want you to choke to death," the reporter told police. She and Post photographer G.N. Miller approached Baldwin while he was walking his dog in New York and asked him about a lawsuit involving his wife's yoga instruction.

Baldwin called Miller a racial epithet, the Post reports; Palmeri says she recorded the transaction and played it for police. Baldwin also filed a complaint with police, Leonard Greene reports, and had a high time on Twitter before deleting posts about the encounter.

Miller also said the actor bumped him in the chest during their tete-a-tete, although Baldwin told cops the photographer “pushed into him,’’ according to the actor’s complaint.

Baldwin was involved in a fracas with a New York Daily News reporter last year; afterward he said he thought the press needed to make an appointment to speak with him. His personal feelings about journalists aside, Baldwin has spoken warmly about newspapers in the past.

The lesson is clear here: Celebrities shouldn't walk their own dogs.

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  • Andrew Beaujon

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