NYT does the right thing (after it's asked) and links to blogger's feature


Three months ago Gaby Dunn of 100Interviews.com profiled the creators of an unconventional Staten Island art walk. A few weeks after her piece was posted, Dunn heard that a New York Times reporter was writing about the couple, too. "They deserve the attention so I was pleased."

However, when I saw the finished product that ran Sunday, I was even less pleased. It’s very, very clear that my piece was used on background and as the backbone for Ms. [Constance] Rosenblum’s article - and supplied multiple anecdotes including Amanda’s childhood and the story of how they met to Ms. Rosenblum’s story

Dunn continued in a letter to the Times: "I’m very flattered your reporter read my blog -- and as I just started freelancing for the Times Magazine, I love you guys. I would really appreciate a link to my piece included in the online version of 'What the Ravens Wrought.'"

A reply came quickly. It was from Constance Rosenblum. It acknowledged that she’d read 100 Interviews in order to write the piece in the Times, but she’d then done her own research and interviews. She probably should have linked back. ...Soon, she wrote again saying she was working on getting the Times web people to link to 100 Interviews. She hoped it’d be up by Wednesday. A link to 100 Interviews was added to the side of the New York Times article on Brendan and Amanda today, as promised. And that’s that.

> From 2003: The Villager accuses NYT of lifting dozens of its story ideas

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