Olive Garden critic reviews New York's 'dirty-water hot dog'

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At a cart outside The New York Times, where she sat in on the Page One meeting, Marilyn Hagerty -- suddenly famous restaurant reviewer -- declared, "I think the hot dog could be a little hotter ... But I like this combination of mustard and onions." Hagerty is in New York with Ryan Babb (@lostincentralia), a multimedia producer for her paper, the Grand Forks Herald. Her review of the Olive Garden made national news last week. During her visit to New York, Hagerty will eat at the Olive Garden in Times Square. "It will be, shall I say, interesting to see if it’s any different," she told the Times. Hagerty's son is a Wall Street Journal reporter who wrote about his mother's reaction to her sudden fame. "She didn't care to scroll through the thousands of Twitter and Facebook comments on her writing style," wrote James Hagerty." 'I'm working on my Sunday column and I'm going to play bridge this afternoon,' she explained, 'so I don't have time to read all this crap.'"


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