Palin fans hack Twitter feed of company that posted her emails for

The vandals posted a series of pro-Palin and anti-Obama messages on Crivella West's feed, including "Email Witch-hunt Backfires"; "Emails: Gov. Palin a Hard-Working Public Servant"; and "Weiner's America or Palin's America - That Is The 2012 Choice."

Crivella told that he wouldn't exactly call it a sophisticated hack. "It appears that in this case 'hacking' means sending out spam tweets pretending to be us. I think real hackers might be offended."

The online archive of emails was not affected. "We've checked everything and all of our systems are perfect and we're totally OK," Crivella said.

Crivella staff on Friday scanned in the Palin emails and got the full archive online for in just 12 hours, in half the time of other news organizations, according to the website.

> Palin emails let old media test new media methods (AP)

> Coverage of Palin emails draws fascination, skepticism (WSJ)

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