Patch editor explains Christie helicopter scoop staffer Tom Troncone -- a former Asbury Park Press and Record newsman -- is asked about his site scooping other news outlets on Gov. Chris Christie using a state police helicopter to attend his son's baseball game.

He explains:

I got a call from someone yesterday morning who told me that Christie would be arriving in a helicopter at his son's game. They didn't know if it would be a state police helicopter or a private helicopter like Corzine used to use. I sent a photographer out there just to play it safe. When he arrived, security told him that he had to move way away from where Christie would land. Luckily, he had a very long lens with him and was able to still get the shots.

I come from a print background and, to be honest, my first instinct was to hold the photos until I knew he was in the air, so that we could ensure our exclusive. But this is a different media landscape, where it's about getting readers info as quick as we can, so I had the photographer drive to my house and dump the photos directly onto my laptop. It's not really so much about media competition anymore, it's about serving a community.

The photos got up so quickly that The Record was able to see them and get a photographer there before he left. That's why we have him arriving and they have him leaving.

The Star-Ledger used a contributor's photos for its coverage.

> Christie helicopter pictures first appeared on

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