Penn State's Daily Collegian worked through the night to publish special Paterno section

The Daily Collegian

In addition to the 16-page daily paper, Penn State's official student newspaper published a special 16-page commemorative edition today honoring former football coach Joe Paterno (front page below). Lexi Belculfine, editor-in-chief of The Daily Collegian, says by email:

We have a news staff of about 150 and business division of about 75. No less than half of both, I would estimate, helped bring together today's 32-page paper.

We worked at a breakneck speed. Many staffers spent the majority of Saturday at the office, when we first heard reports of the former coach's declining health. Sunday we worked from 9:30 a.m. or so -- when Joe Paterno's family announced his death -- until 2 a.m. Monday. It's still surreal. Twitter seems to indicate that there isn't a Collegian left on campus.

Copies went quickly, but more will be available Wednesday, the Collegian tweets. || Related: Pennsylvania’s front pages pay tribute to Joe PaternoHow AP’s ‘conditions for accuracy’ protected it from false Paterno, Giffords death reports | False Paterno death reports highlight journalists’ hunger for glory | One reason Paterno may have done interview with Washington Post's Sally Jenkins

This photo of a young Joe Paterno fronted a special commemorative section of The Daily Collegian.


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