Photojournalist Chris Hondros killed in Libya

News & Observer / The New York Times / The Associated Press
Chris Hondros, a Getty Images photojournalist, died Wednesday while chronicling the fighting in Libya. "Restrepo" director Tim Hetherington was also killed, and two others were wounded. Earlier Wednesday, there were conflicting reports about whether Hondros had been killed; the Times reported that he was "clinging to life."

The confusion continued Wednesday afternoon, with the News & Observer reporting that Getty notified Hondros' family that he had died. Later the paper added a sentence stating that Getty was uncertain of Hondros' fate. The Times attributed its information to a colleague of Hondros' at the triage center.

Paul Woolverton, a Fayetteville Observer reporter and friend, told the N&O about Hondros' pursuit of conflict photography, "When it came to photography, he gave it everything. ... You can tell with some people, who are really go-getters, that they are going to go far."

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