Political reporters at Iowa State Fair really like pork on a stick

The fried butter and butter cow have some fans, but the most tweeted-about "treat" at the Iowa State Fair among political reporters seems to be the pork on a stick.

The Washington Post's Aaron Blake: Pork chop on a stick, here I come. http://t.co/WITJvYz

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Tom Fitzgerald: Pork chop on a stick - yummy! #iastatefair

Daily Caller's Alex Pappas: Just tried pork chop on a stick.

Tribune's James Oliphant: Pork chop on a stick, you had me at "pork." lockerz.com/s/128966998

NBC News' Jo Ling Kent: Pork chops on a stick!! With @andrewnbcnews http://instagr.am/p/KDFqO

NPR's Don Gonyea: Meanwhile, the Iowa pork chop on a stick is the best meal I've had on the road in two years. Amazing.

Politicians are eating it too. It's a tradition, the New York Times reports, for politicians to help grill the pork on a stick at the Iowa pork producers booth.

Is this pork-barrel eating at its best?


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