A portrait (actually lots of them) of International Journalism Festival speakers

Political Comics | International Journalism Festival

Speakers at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy, are also now part of an "Atlas of Faces," thanks to the work of graphic artist Gianluca Costantini.

Politicalcomics.info says on its website that drawing "is a way to collect the music of chance in the faces of those who form part of a symphony without an apparent conductor: the buzz of the news, the brilliant article, the search for reason where there is no reason, all the things that normally journalists do, all these could be hidden perhaps in faces, rearranged in the map. Trying to catch the everyday work of people creating news: yes creating, for there is no news without a creator."

Here are just a few of those creators.

The festival takes place in Perugia April 30 through May 4. In October of last year, Poynter wrote about the cancellation of the festival, which is free to the public, due to a lack of funding. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, the festival's now back on.


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