Post ombud received just 11 emails about Herman Cain coverage

The Washington Post

Washington Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton gets about 80 emails when he or the Post writes about Rick Perry or Ron Paul. The tally of emails about Herman Cain coverage last week: 11.

Two readers complained, naturally, that the only reason The Post was reporting on the [Cain sexual harassment] allegations was to take down another Republican. ... Two readers wrote to complain about the use of a particular photo of Cain used online.

Pexton told me that "the lack of e-mail on Cain is probably because ... people are still making up their minds on the sexual harassment allegations. Except for the defend-Cain-at-any-price readers, I think people take this seriously and want to know more before passing judgment, at least for readers of The Post." In addition to the 11 emails, there were three phone calls — two for Cain, one against. || Related: Spotlight on Cain shows four phases of campaign coverage (Poynter) | Cain blames media for sexual harassment controversy (Yahoo) | The Post's 5 goals for its front page (The Washington Post)


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