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The ink is never dry on the Web. Especially during lively news days when news site home pages change constantly. That's why we are capturing screen grabs of various sites each day. See an example of our Homepage Highlights photo gallery. When you see something online that is worth noting, share it with us by taking a screen grab (On a Mac: Shift+Apple+4; on a PC: "Print Screen") and posting it to Poynter Groups. Watch this video below to see how to post your screen grabs (and any other images) to Poynter Groups.

Post a Photo to Poynter Groups from Ellyn Angelotti on Vimeo.

How to upload a photo to Poynter Groups:

1. Log in to Poynter Online.
2. Join a journalism conversation group (Online & Multimedia, Ethics & Diversity, Visual Journalism, TV & Radio, Reporting & Writing, Journalism Education, or Leadership & Management)
3. Under "Recent Photos," click on "Upload a photo."
4. Choose your image.
5. Add a caption (a URL to the site, your thoughts about the screen grab, why it is noteworthy).
6. Add the appropriate tags.
7. Submit your photo.
8. Comment on images others have posted.

You can post your photos to any group, but just be sure to tag them. Also, use descriptive tags to add more context to the photos you've posted. We suggest tagging the image with the news organization that is the source of the screen grab (ABC,, NPR, etc.) and which (if any) news story your screen grab features (i.e. election, breaking news, etc.).

After you post you own image, look at what others have posted to the journalism conversation group pages. Using the new photo commenting feature you can post your thoughts on many of the uploaded images.

To give you an idea of what you could post, we've uploaded a couple of images:

Web Site Screen Grabs
Grab images of site that break the news of results, catchy headlines, good looking interactives or designs. Below see a screen grab from our election gallery featuring a page from the ABC news site.

Post images of your newsroom

What does your news command center look like? Below see a photo of journalists hard at work from the Democratic National Convention. Take a photo of your crew in action.

  • Ellyn Angelotti

    Since joining The Poynter Institute in 2007, Ellyn Angelotti has helped Poynter explore the journalistic values and the legal challenges related to new technologies, especially social media.


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