Poynter Summer Fellowship for Young Journalists

Welcome to the future of journalism.

They arrived on June 8. They came from as far away as Lima, Peru and as close as St. Petersburg itself. There are 25 of them: 10 writers, five photographers, five designers and five copy editor/producers.

They're all journalists. Young ones. Most of them are fresh out of college.

For the next five weeks, they will take part in a program at the Poynter Institute that some past participants have likened to boot camp or a finishing school. In addition to taking classes, they're working in teams of five, fanning out across St. Petersburg and reporting on geographic beats. The week of June 16, 2008 they began publishing their stories.

And remember, come mid-July, 2008, most of these talented young journalists will be looking for work.

More about the Summer Fellowship

To learn more about the Poynter Summer Fellowship for Young Journalists, click here, including information for employers and frequently asked questions for potential students.

Find out more about applying or to download a PDF of the 2008 application form, click here.
Resources for Young Journalists:

Poynter Online Articles for/about Young Journalists:

For future fellows:

What I Wish I Knew Before I Was a Fellow ...Words of wisdom and invaluable advice from last year's fellows

Summer Fellowship Survival Guide -- A Web site dedicated to making the most of the summer program, by your predecessors

  • Meg Martin

    Meg Martin was last year's Naughton Fellow for Poynter Online. She spent six weeks in 2005 in Poynter's Summer Program for Recent College Graduates before beginning her fellowship.


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