Program Made a Difference for His Daughter

Here's a letter from a parent of a student in Poynter's summer 2009 High School Journalism Program. 

-- Wendy Wallace

Dear Wendy:
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the experience provided to my high school sophomore daughter Colleen as a member of the Poynter High School Summer Journalism program.  She was initially uncertain as to the specific content and activities of each day, but upon her 'immersion' came to learn and appreciate the many contributions required of a journalistic project.  Colleen enjoyed meeting many of the writers, photographers, and assorted professionals who may ultimately assist in molding her career direction.
As a parent, we strive to place our children in situations where they witness  professionalism, respect, and adults who demonstrate a sense of responsibility.  My interactions with Poynter left me with admiration and appreciation of the genuine interest in my daughter and her potential interest as a photojournalist.  We plan to take advantage of the night sessions throughout the year offered to these fortunate students, and wish to thank you and your staff for this opportunity.  My daughter matured a little faster, and is undeniably more focused towards the next career step because of the Poynter Institute.

Patrick A. Cambier MD, FACC

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    Wendy Wallace

    Wendy Wallace leads Poynter's marketing and development team as Director of Advancement. She works closely with foundations, corporations and individuals who support Poynter's teaching and other work.


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