Publisher access to iPad subscriber data still possible?

Reynolds Journalism Institute
Among many topics covered during the morning session of the Digital Publishing Alliance (DPA) and E-Reader Symposium in Columbia, Mo., was access to subscriber information for publications sold in the iTunes store. Ownership of subscriber information is a given in print, and publishers have expressed significant concerns about being forced to give up that relationship to gain access to the iPad. During a question-and-answer session, carried live on video and in a chat transcription, James Dunn, director of marketing for The New York Times, and Roger Fidler, director of the DPA, addressed the issue. Dunn is under a non-disclosure agreement with Apple, so interpreting his answer would require reading tea-leaves, but it is still worth noting as a topic which perhaps is not yet finally resolved:

Martin Langeveld: "What are the chances Apple will eventually share more customer data in order to enable publishers to do more personalization on iPad?"

James Dunn: "No comment from me."

Roger Fidler: "That's a very important question." (He hopes we'll hear more after the iPad comes out.)

The symposium is sponsored by the Reynolds Journalism Institute and is being held at the University of Missouri campus. Live coverage of the two-day event is being provided on the RJI Center Web site Monday and Tuesday.

>iPad subscriber info a 'dealbreaker' for publishers (Poynter Online Mobile Media)


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