Pulitzer Prize-winner DeGregory has new podcast focusing on writing

The Tampa Bay Times has launched a new weekly podcast called WriteLane. It's also being published here on Poynter, which owns the Times and thought it would be a good offering for its readers as well.

The podcast features Lane DeGregory, an enterprise reporter at the Times and frequent guest faculty at Poynter, discussing her stories and answering questions. The focus is on craft.

In the initial podcast, DeGregory talks about her Pulitzer Prize-winning story about a feral child.

THE GIRL IN THE WINDOW Remember the story that broke your heart?

The podcast will be available each Wednesday morning on the Poynter website and SoundCloud.

Listeners can submit questions by emailing writelane@tampabay.com and tune back in each week to hear DeGregory’s answers.

Listen below:

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