Radio station president resigns after host punches him

St. Louis Post-Dispatch | Riverfront Times

Grand Slam Sports President Dan Marshall resigned last week after intervening in a dispute between hosts at two Grand Slam radio stations. KFNS host Brian McKenna came to KXFN, Grand Slam’s other station, to confront host Nick Trupiano. Trupiano had “ridiculed McKenna on the air, saying McKenna overstated his recent skin cancer diagnosis and merely was looking for sympathy,” Dan Caesar reports in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Marshall "intercepted" McKenna, leading to a fist fight that left the Grand Slam president in the hospital and the KFNS radio host fired and in jail for a night.

The other host, KXFN's Trupiano, also said he hoped KFNS host Charlie "Tuna" Edwards died of "sickle cell, cancer, whatever, I don’t care." Edwards is black. Trupiano "has been put on notice," Caesar reports.

"This isn't the first time McKenna has come to blows over what other radio hosts say about him," Lindsay Toler writes in the Riverfront Times. "In 2003, he got into a fight with John Hadley, who worked at KTRS and Fox Sports Net, after Hadley criticized his work in radio."

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