Rebekah Brooks arrested for Murdoch company phone-hacking scandal

The consequences continue for News Corp., News International, and the executives involved, directly or indirectly, in phone-hacking committed by journalists employed by the company. Sunday in London, 43-year-old Rebekah Brooks was arrested on charges related to phone-hacking. Brooks resigned Friday as head of News International, the British newspaper company owned by Rupert Murdoch. A Brooks spokesperson told Sky News "Rebekah is assisting the police with their enquiries. She attended a London police station voluntarily." Brooks was later released on bail. || Robert Niles: "I'm rooting for the downfall of News Corp., and as a journalist, you should be, too" || Joe Nocera: "It’s official. The Wall Street Journal has been Fox-ified." || Related: Infographic describes Murdoch company phone-hacking ties (Businessweek) || Infographic describes Rebekah Brooks' ties in phone-hacking scandal (Newsweek)

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