Remember these 5 trends in mobile for 2011

Momads in Video

Belgian mobile advertising/development firm Momads has produced an "Appy New Year" video that highlights five big-picture trends in mobile for 2011, all of which I think will have some application for journalists and publishers this coming year. If you keep up on mobile, none will surprise you, I suspect, but they are all worth keeping in mind.

The first is the most obvious: "The 'faster than anything else' consumer adoption rate of the mobile Web will only increase in 2011."

You've heard it here, you've heard it everywhere, and we need to keep emphasizing this to decision-makers in newsrooms across the country. Don't wait to treat your mobile product(s) seriously.

The last point may be the freshest: "Never heard of NFC? You will in 2011." NFC stands for near field communication; it's a technology that may help develop mobile devices as a way to pay for your coffee, as well as attach information to physical objects.

Take a look at the video for the other three points. It's worth 2:40 of your time.

Hat tip to @ilicco for drawing my attention to this.

  • Regina McCombs

    Regina McCombs is a faculty member of The Poynter Institute, teaching multimedia, and social and mobile journalism. She was the senior producer for multimedia at in Minneapolis-St. Paul for 11 years.


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