Reporter fired after attributing lack of softball stats to 'coach's bullshit and laziness'

Louisiana-based journalist Jeannine LeJeune tweeted this part of an article that she said appeared in Thursday's edition of the Rayne Independent:

I asked LeJeune if there was a byline on the piece; she said there wasn't. The paper does not have a website, but I followed up for more details.

In the meantime: Wow.

Jim Romenesko reported Friday that Kade Seibold, the reporter responsible for the story, has been fired. The newspaper's general manager told Romenesko that the reporter meant to take the line out when he got the stats, but he forgot.

“I was writing the article and I was beginning to get frustrated because I didn’t have the proper information to write it [but] that’s no excuse,” Seibold told Romenesko. “I was wrong, but I think the punishment is very stiff.”

In response to LeJeune, Seibold tweeted this morning:

  • Craig Silverman

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