Romney campaign kicks Jose Antonio Vargas out of event for being an activist

Yahoo News | Politico
Jose Antonio Vargas is wearing two hats these days, advocating for immigration reform while writing about it, but that didn't work at a Mitt Romney campaign event Friday. He was kicked out after he showed up holding a sign that said, "I am an American w/o papers." Vargas tweeted later, "I was not causing a ruckus. I was merely trying to ask a question, which is what a journalist does." A Romney representative tells Politico that Vargas was allowed to be at the event "as an activist," but he couldn't stay for the media portion because he didn't have a media credential. "This should not be a debate about me being an activist or a journalist. I'm advocating for truth-telling on #immigration," Vargas tweeted. || Earlier: Jose Antonio Vargas plans to report on immigration issues as he lobbies for policy changes

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