Roundup of stories about Murdoch's iPad newspaper

Rupert Murdoch's iPad newspaper continued to be the talk of the industry over the long Thanksgiving weekend, though few new details were revealed.

In case you can not get enough news about The Daily, here's a collection of recent stories about it:

> The centrist politics of Rupert Murdoch's 'The Daily' (New York Magazine)
Key success factors for a tablet-only "paper" (Monday Note)
> Murdoch's search for an answer to content theft (Sydney Morning Herald)
> Rupert Murdoch's iPad experiment is unlikely to succeed (The Guardian)
> Enough hate for "The Daily" already (
> Paid content on iPads: Mistaking a rerun for a "do over" (
> Murdoch's flawed "Daily" still worth watching (Brannan Blog)
> The Daily and some fancy apps aren't going to save journalism (Wannabe Hacks)
> Why the iPad newspaper is doomed (Gawker)
> The Daily: Is an iPad only newspaper really the future of media? (Beehive City)


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