Sales of women's magazines strong on Nook Color

New York Times

Sales of magazines like O, The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health on Nook Color rival - and in some cases surpass - sales on the iPad. One reason: The iPad and other tablets are considered men’s toys, while Barnes & Noble's Nook Color is more popular with women. Jeremy Peters writes:

Some women, at least, seem to prefer their electronic reading devices to be simpler, something they can read on. Tablets with Rock Band, GT Racing and high-res cameras? That’s guy stuff.

And Barnes & Noble has marketed the $249 Nook Color toward females. Ads show women and girls reading it in various states of relaxation and repose: at the beach, in bed, on the couch. On Barnes & Noble’s Web site, a bubbly woman named Kate walks users through a guided tour on how to use the device.

The terms of selling magazines on the Nook Color been comparatively easy to negotiate, reports Peters, and the process of creating electronic versions of magazines is also far easier and less expensive than it is to create an iPad edition. Publishers need only send a PDF of their latest issue, and Barnes & Noble takes care of the rest.

* "Female Magazine Readers Flock to Nook Color"

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