San Francisco mass transit has augmented-reality

Bay Area Rapid Transit
San Francisco's rapid transit system has partnered with augmented reality developer Junaio to provide an interactive guide to getting around the city. Using the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) channel in the newly-released Junaio 2.0 iPhone app, riders can point the phone's camera at their surroundings and receive visual notifications of train stations, arrival times and nearby points of interest. Augmented-reality combines information from GPS-based location data and compass headings to determine what a user is looking at and then serves up specific contextual information. In the case of the BART integration, the app is connected to the transit system via an API that provides information on station locations and constantly updated train schedules. The Junaio app currently works only on the iPhone 3Gs, but an Android version is in development. As consumer adoption of smart phones increases, mobile-friendly information and advertising techniques will become critical for media organizations. Without a concerted strategy to pursue a mobile audience and the related technologies, media companies could again find themselves on the outside of the next "big thing" looking in.
>BART Gets Official Augmented Reality App: "Couldn't Find the Train" Is No Longer a Viable Excuse (Fast Company)


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