'Saturday Night Live' features Time magazine's breastfeeding cover

Saturday Night Live

"Saturday Night Live"'s "Weekend Update" with Seth Meyers featured a segment on Time magazine's controversial breastfeeding cover:

"Really, Time magazine, this is the image you went with for Mother's Day? Look, I have nothing against breastfeeding, but there are more appropriate places to breastfeed your kid than on the cover of Time magazine. Like page 3 of Time magazine or like, not in a magazine at all. Really? ... Time, don't get me wrong, I know you have to do what it takes to sell magazines, and that's a good cover. But if you wanted a great cover, you would have PhotoShopped out the chair."

Cover photographer Martin Schoeller says his approach was inspired by religious imagery of Madonna and Child, but Washington Post style writer Maura Judkis says "this cover gets its power from the confrontational way that both [mother Jamie] Grumet and her son, Aram, are looking directly at the viewer."

Time magazine Editor Richard Stengel was in Indiana to speak at Butler University's commencement this weekend; he again defended the cover, saying "thousands and thousands — if not millions — of people will pay attention to a story when they wouldn’t have even known about it (otherwise)." || Related: "This is an example of print well done. It's a stroke of genius." (Los Angeles Times) | Cover sells more copies in one day than were sold the entire week before (Ad Age) | Outtakes from the cover shoot || Watch the SNL segment below:


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