Scoble: Facebook Groups already better than Twitter Lists

Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble writes that he already prefers Facebook's new Groups feature to Twitter's current, but somewhat similar, List tool.

At the top of his "list" dislikes: he is limited to 20, each with only 500 members. That is enough for most people, but Scoble reports there are 800 CEOs he would like to track, and that is not going to be possible on Twitter.

On the other hand, Facebook has no apparent numerical limits, and he finds Groups more open to networking among members:

"Even better, all my Facebook groups are now open to members to invite other people onto (the group founder has to change the settings to allow that). For instance, I have a Tech news and bloggers group. I didn’t invite half the people who are already on the list onto it. Zuckerberg explains how that’s controllable in our interview.

"Everyone invited on can talk with each other. That’s very cool. Something that Twitter groups can’t do."


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