Shreveport Times apologizes for fronting story about local Muslims on 9/11

Shreveport Times

Michele Marcotte's story about how members of the Islamic community in the Shreveport, La., region were coping 12 years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, led The (Shreveport, La.) Times Wednesday.

Thursday, the paper apologized. Marcotte's piece "was an important story to share, but it should not have been the main story Wednesday or run on a different day," President and Publisher Judi Terzotis writes.

I want you to know that not doing enough to put the coverage is registered and understood. Our team heard your voices and realized the missed opportunity.

Terzotis' note doesn't address why the story quoted just one local Muslim.

The story itself has a few comments, including one from Karen Lord Collier that objects to the paper putting "a picture of a Muslin on the front page on the 911 Anniversary." The paper's picture of Khurshid Kahn particularly rankled Collier: "Mr. Kahn may be a nice person himself but the fact that he is a Muslin just throws it in the face of those killed on that day."

Thursday's Times front goes in a slightly different direction:

Image courtesy the Newseum
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