Social media 'boot camp' for journalists at the San Francisco Chronicle

(AP Photo/Eric Risberg)


Journalists at the San Francisco Chronicle will go through a two-month "startup-style incubator," Chris Taylor reported for Mashable on Tuesday.

In a plush off-site office procured from the paper's Food and Wine section, journalists will undergo two months of rigorous training — in effect, a digital and social media boot camp.

Audrey Cooper, the paper's managing editor, told Mashable that reporters will learn to work with "new digital metrics, such as engagement time, to judge whether their stories have reached our core audience."

Journalism boot camps, and even social media boot camps for reporters, aren't exactly new, but the length, two months, and that it's happening for the whole newsroom probably is. Maybe it's more like basic training.

In November, Poynter wrote about changes coming to the Chronicle's popular food section.


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