Social media resources for Japanese earthquake, tsunami coverage

Following the earthquake in Japan, and tsunami warnings across the Pacific Coast, Twitter has been abuzz with news and concern.

Fishing boats crash into one another in the boat basin at Crescent City, Calif., as one of a series of tsunami surges slams into the harbor. (Jeff Barnard/AP)

Two primary hashtags -- #tsunami and #prayforjapan -- are trending on Twitter with thousands of tweets per second discussing the topic.

The Houston Chronicle is using Storify to track social media highlights. Below we have linked to a selection of hashtags, reporters and eyewitnesses covering the event. If you find other valuable resources online, please leave a link in the comments. (See also our quick guide to understanding tsunamis.)

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Twitter @TomokoHosaka

Associated Press reporter in Japan

Twitter @hiroko_nakamura
Interpreter and business consultant in Japan

Twitter @tamegoeswild
British citizen living in Tokyo

Twitter @JarrodLentz
American who moved to Tokyo in March, posting photos

Twitter @Good_People
Australian who has lived in Tokyo for 7 years

Sree Sreenivasan is maintaining a resource list on Facebook that includes links to videos, news sources and social media feeds.

Related Hashtags:

California Tsunami

Twitter @KQEDNews

Hawaii Tsunami

Twitter @StarAdvertiser
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Twitter @Gene Park
Star Advertiser reporter
Twitter @apindmz
Star-Advertiser online producer
Online-only publication
Civil Beat, community news live blog
Twitter @DanZelikman
Civil Beat community host

Twitter #HItsunami

General Earthquake and Tsunami Coverage
Twitter #tsunami
Twitter @BBCBreaking
Twitter @BreakingNews
Twitter @AlertNet

Twitter @Producermatthew
Matthew Keys

Twitter @CraigatFEMA
FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate

YouTube - CitizenTube
Collection of earthquake videos


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